Server Error


Server errors are almost always caused by misconfiguration of Kunena. Something unexpected happened and because of that Kunena is unable to recover and serve the page.

When you see this message it means your server is running in Production mode to hide potentially sensitive information from displaying to your users. The error itself will be stored in the logs/Kunena.log file. Please examine this file to determine the exact nature of the error.

Possible reasons include:

  • Server errors are caused by out-of-date configuration
  • Incorrect file permissions which prevents Kunena from writing data
  • Changes in the file-system that Kunena is not yet aware about
  • Errors in parsing configuration due to invalidly formatted configuration files

If you have the Kunena Administration plugin installed, you can browse the Server Errors from there. By clicking the individual errors you can see the debug pages even if the debugger was turned off.

Out-of-date configuration

The first thing you should do is flush the cache to ensure that the configuration is up to date:

                    bin/Kunena clear-cache

Before moving on, make sure that you do not have other file permission issues like this.

Installation and configuration issues

  • system requirements
  • file permissions
  • installation issues
  • configuration issues

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