Custom Menu Items

Kunena menu items must be in the Kunena menu. You must not create or move Kunena menu items in other menus! Error often occours by incorrectly created menu items, or if menu items where moved from the Kunena menu to other menus (example: in the main, top and so on). Wrong configured Kunena menu items always lead to errors, even if this does not always occur immediately. This documentation shows the right way.

1. To create custom Kunena menu items called by Menu Item Alias

In this example we created a menu item for the main menu which linked to the single category Suggestion Box.

Step 1) Go to Menu Item Manager: Menus -> Kunena Menu and click on New

Step 2) Select Menu Item Type = Kunena Forum -> Show Category

Step 3)

  1. Enter a title
  2. Select the category
  3. Choose as parent the menu item Forum (Kunena Forum ยป Home Page)

As you can see, the menu item is listed correctly in the Kunena menu (1) and the tab is available in the frontend (2).

If you do not want to show this tab (or other single tabs) in the frontend, you can hide them in the configuration of this menu item (tab Link Type - > Display in Menu = No).

2. Now create the associated Menu Item Alias in the Main Menu

Step 1) Go to Menu Item Manager: Menus -> Main Menu (or top menu whatever you want) and click on New

Step 2) Select Menu Item Type = Systemlinks -> Menu Item Alias

Step 3) Click on Select (then you get a complete list of your menu itemsI)

Step 4) Select from the list the new created Kunena menu item. Basically you can choose all already existing menu items, but in this example we chosed the new created menu item.

Step 5) Enter the Menu Title (1) and save it. In the field Alias (2) you can enter whatever you want, this will not be shown in the address. The Menu Item Type - Menu Item Alias displays always the original address from the target menu item.

No matter which menu items are created, links of other menus, which are linked to the forum, must be always Menu Item Type = Menu Item Alias! See also Menu Issues and Menu Tips

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