Categories only for certain User Groups


This tutorial will show you to how to create a forum only for certain user groups.

Step 1: Add New User Group

Backend -> Users -> Groups -> Add New Group

Step 2: Group Title

Now you’ll see a new window User Group Details.

  • Enter a Group Title
  • Click Save & Close

The new Group has been created.

Step 3: Add Users to the Group

  • Go back to the user management
  • Mark all your certain users
  • Use the Batch function

  • Select User Group
  • Click Process

Step 4: Category Permissions

In conclusion only the category permissions need to be set (see also Sections & Categories). Backend -> Kunena -> Categories -> Click on Category

  • Select tab Category Permissions
  • Primary User Group: - Your new group
  • Secondary User Group: - Your new group

This setting is needed in all sections and categories which are exclusive to this group.

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