Polls allow (backend)

  1. First check if poll generally is enabled Backend -> Kunena -> Configuration -> Extra -> Poll Settings -> Enable Polls = Yes
  2. Go to Category Manager and select the categories where you want polls

Create a poll (frontend)

  1. Create a new topic in the category where polls are allowed
  2. Click on the poll symbol

It opens now a modal window

  1. Enter a poll title
  2. Add or remove poll options with the + or - symbol. Then enter your queries in the fields
  3. Click on Add button (it goes back to the editor)
  4. Click on the Submit button to save the message

The poll is now created

A poll will not show in the editor preview! The poll will not be displayed until the post has been saved. A running poll can’t be edited unless no one has voted yet, or will reset to zero.

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