Menu Issues

The Kunena menu is a set of tabs that appears across the top of the forum pages. In some cases, this menu does not appear for a variety of causes. This error often occours by incorrectly created menu items, or if menu items where moved from the Kunena menu to other menus (example: in the main, top and so on).

Links of other menus, which are linked to the forum, must be Menu Item Type = Menu Item Alias (see the image). Wrongly-configured menu items can be easily fixed but trashed menu items can still cause problems. It is preferable to delete all unneeded menus from the trash.



Repairing wrongly-configured menu items

If you suspect that your main site menu items are wrongly configure (and the Kunena menu is unchanged) then edit these menu items (example: main, top) and change the Menu Item Type to Menu Item Alias.

If Kunena menu items have been moved to other menus

To ensure that the Kunena menu is complete again, navigate to the Kunena Dashboard to Tools > Menu Manager, then click on the top of right, on the icon Restore Kunena Menu. Following navigate to the relavant menus (example: main, top) and change the Menu Item Type of the links, which are linked to the forum, to Menu Item Alias.

Create a completely new Kunena Menu

A simple remedy for the problem is to use the trash-burn-build technique:

  1. Trash all existing menus and menu items that relate to your Kunena forum.
  2. Empty the menu trash.
  3. Use the Kunena Dashboard: Tools -> Menu Manager -> Restore Kunena Menu facility.
  4. Publish the menu item created for you in your top-level/main menu.

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