Kunena has a system to show Announcements in the frontend for example to display the latest news or something very important that the users can see always. Announcements support BBCode and Emoticons (see also here). Announcements must be enabled in the Kunena configuration Backend -> Components -> Kunena Forum -> Configuration -> Frontend -> Look and Feel: Show Announcement = Yes (default). Only admins and global moderators can create announcements.

Add Announcement

Step 1

  1. Open the profile box on top and click Announcement
  2. Click Add (it opens a new window)

Step 2

  1. Enter Title
  2. Enter Short Text
  3. Enter Long Text (optional)
  4. Enter Date (start time - optional)
  5. Show Date (optional)
  6. Publish Yes
  7. Save

The announcement is published now and the short text will appear above. Click on Read More shows Short and Long Text.

Edit Announcement

There are three options. Click on the Announcement (or profile box -> announcement) and you will see it.

  1. Publish / Unpublish
  2. Edit (edit text)
  3. Delete

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